Nonpareil Patch: HPIL emulation implemented, plus other things

Khanh-Dang NGUYEN THU LAM kdntl at
Wed Jan 21 17:26:34 PST 2009

Hi all,

I finally managed to write a patch for HPIL emulation (coconut only) in
nonpareil.  The patch implements the following:

- Full emulation (hopefully) of the 1B3C chip used in the HPIL rom
  module for HP-41.  It means, nonpareil can send and receive HPIL
  frames as a real HP-41 does.

- Simulation of HPIL devices.  Currently, only a serial device is
  implemented (it can simulate a subset of functions of the HP82164A -
  HPIL/RS232 peripheral).  I guess implementing other devices would not
  be too difficult (drives, video device, printer, whatever)

This patch also fixes some minor issues:

- MOD1 pages at non-fixed page number can now be loaded

- Bug fix: when an additional chip (such as helios) was loaded into
  nonpareil, the status file couldn't be opened.

- nonpareil can now autoloads object files at startup.  Note: I think
  it's better to autoload rom's contents rather than store it in the
  status file: the user knows precisely which roms are loaded.

Most part of the code is ugly.  But it works. Maybe, Eric, you could
clean the patch better than I could do, for you know the project better
than anyone else could :-)

You can download the patch at:
Some more details about the patch are given on that page too.

Hope you enjoy!



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