HP12c microcode

Martin Krischik krischik at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Apr 14 06:00:22 PDT 2010


Am 14.04.10 14:33, schrieb Felipe Coutinho:
> Hello,
> I'm insterested to make a calculator using the HP12c microcode from
> nonpareil, but I want to know why this microcode was removed from nonpareil
> package. What kind of licensing issues it has?
Now that is a very interesting question! Who kicked up a fuss here and why?
> Other question is: if the nonpareil project is GPLv2, why some people use
> the calculators microcode from nonpareil to make commercial projects. How
> this is possible?
Because GPL is a commercial licence. As long as the source code is
delivered to the customers it is perfectly legal and percisly what the
GPL intents. The GPL was never intended to be give away gratis license.
I too have (very old) nonpareil code (ported to Java) in my HP 45
Emulator. And I too charge money. My customers get the source code. I
don't see a problem.

With kind regard


Martin Krischik

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