Compile on SuSE Linux

Martin Krischik krischik at
Wed Apr 30 09:09:03 PDT 2008

Am Mittwoch 30 April 2008 schrieb Eric Smith:
> Martin wrote:
> > I tried to compile nonpareil on SuSE Linux 10.3 but get the follwing
> > error messages:
> If you're using code checked out from the Subversion repository, the
> best advice is "don't do that".  The code in svn isn't ready for
> release.

True, but the released code is not compatible with the scon which comes with 
SuSE :-(.

So what to do - go back and search for an old scon - and then - maybe- have 
trouble with an to old Gtk+.

Or go foreward and use the svn archive in the hope the it is more "up to 

With Regards

Martin Krischik
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