Nonpareil now available on Macports.

Egan Ford egan at
Sat Mar 7 14:06:25 PST 2009

> Actually I wanted to file a bug report in the Nonpareil Developers list
> because of this. I wonder what it could be. But good to see that someone
> tried it out already :-) Shows that Nonpareil is needed.
> Note that the MacPorts version is compiled from source as well. MacPorts
> does all the compiling for you so you don't have to worry. Compiling
> from source makes MacPorts a very agile distribution.

Yes, and I tried it with macports building the from source and it
still does not work.  I also tried a "port update installed" and then
rebuilt with no luck.

> Interesting. Did you compile gtk with +x11 or +quarz? Default is x11 and
> I wonder if it would work with quartz. Sadly native GNOME support is not
> as good for KDE and using +quarz on Gtk will break most of GNOME :-( .

I have tried both X11 GTK and Quartz GTK, both have the same display
problem.  No problem for the 41CX, just the Voyagers.

Do you have it working?  If, so what does otool -L nonpareil report?


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