strlcpy on Mac OS X (Was: Nonpareil now available on Macports)

Martin Krischik krischik at
Mon Mar 9 00:08:55 PDT 2009

Egan Ford schrieb:

> Sorry.  You'll have to "port install scons" (a newer version is
> required).  Then used the attached osx.patch after you apply the
> aforementioned patches.

There is another problem: We both try to patch the strlcpy problem. I
use newstrlcpy and you use x_strlcpy. But the main problem is not name -
the diff tool gets all confused because of th double patch.

I know why my private string library used String_Copy() as name - no
nameclashes likely. Sometimes it does pay to *not* follow the general
naming conventions (especially in a programming language without
packages/modules/namespaces) ;-) .


Martin Krischik

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