Downloading big programs into an emulated HP-41

Jean J2N-FORGET at
Sun Feb 10 22:25:55 PST 2013

About the nonpareil emulation of HP-41:

I would like to know how to transfer big programs from the Linux host
to the guest HP-41CV of HP-41CX machine or in the other way.

When duckduckgoing "nonpareil hp41 documentation", I have found:
which can be summarized thus:

1) Use hp41uc to compile the program into a DAT file or a BIN file
2) Create a file $HOME/.nonpareil/41cx.nal
3) Insert into it a "DAT my_prog.dat" line or a "BIN my_prog.bin"
4) Start your guest HP-41

It does not work for me. I have tried other possibilities offered in
the same webpage, such as the MEMLOST command and it did not work

Is there another way to import or export big programs?

I have found that the my_snapshot.nst files are just gzip'ed XML
files. Then, with W Wickes's book "Synthetic programming on the
HP-41C" or with J-D Dodin's book "Au fond de la HP-41C", I can
translate the contents of the XML file. Can I update the XML file to
put whatever I want into the HP-41 memory? Does such a program already
exist or must I write my own (and then share with anyone interested)?

Thank you in advance,

Jean Forget

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